A scriptable SMTP software

Halon is a scriptable SMTP software for email infrastructure and security, designed for service providers.

Features include:

  • Anti-spam by CYREN and an optimised SpamAssassin
  • Outbound spam filtering and delivery
  • DKIM signing and verification with DMARC
  • Encryption with DANE
  • SPF handling and SRS
  • Bounce verification with BATV
  • Content filtering, also called DLP
  • Rate limiting
  • Scripted routing
  • External API calls
  • Routing by DNS appending
  • Handoff with LMTP
  • Recipient filtering and in-line delivery
  • Proxy mode and fully transparent outbound anti-spam
  • E-mail tracking search filters and logging

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Halon is already used and appreciated by thousands of hosting and email service providers worldwide.