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Halon already power some of the worlds most popular email servers.

What is it?

A scriptable SMTP software to maximize deliverability and security of all in-flight email.

For who?

Telcos, hosting providers and service providers who offer email services to their customers.

But why?

You get a future-proof and more efficient email infrastructure, without making compromises.

Features & Benefits

Some of our happy customers

“This enabled us to reduce initial capital cost, ongoing support and maintenance costs, rack space, and ongoing power and cooling requirements by up to 70%”

Anders Saaby, CTO,

“Using Halon SMTP software DuoCircle reduced hosting costs and saved 30% on operating costs, reduced time of managing networks by 90% and improved customer response time to minutes from hours.”

Brad Slavin, CEO, DuoCircle

“We now have one platform, a good user interface and scalability. With Halon we do very little administration and maintenance, despite our large e-mail volumes. We couldn’t be more satisfied.”

Jonas Gustavsson, CEO, Ballou

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