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Post: tech, email, The Halon Innovation Series | Jan 25, 2024

Unleash the power of email integrations with Halon’s Connect

Regardless of the life-changing technology streamlining your email operations, its effectiveness relies on maintaining a network of synchronized computers that communicate seamlessly with each other through integrations. If those integrations fail, all that technology grinds to a halt.

This is a constant problem, especially for email senders and mailbox providers that rely on legacy email infrastructure or a Rube Goldberg-style system of patches and workarounds to keep the data flowing. 

Halon Connect helps you integrate faster and easier

Halon Connect solves that problem because it integrates systems faster and easier, whether you want to connect tools and systems you use already or add new ones to create the optimal tech stack your company needs to succeed. 

With Halon Connect, you can be sure that the data keeps flowing and your business gains more uptime to keep systems up and running efficiently. It also helps give your customers the service they expect. 

What’s more, Halon Connect guarantees a swift learning curve for engineers. How? It leverages their familiarity with your existing systems and aligns seamlessly with IT guidelines and compliance requirements. That means your engineering team can spend more time on tasks that bring your company value. 

Connect is one of the five components that make up Halon Engage, for large-scale email senders, and Halon Protect, for mailbox providers.

How does Connect make the magic happen? Let’s look at two examples:

1. An eCommerce brand uses Connect to seamlessly integrate its email and web platforms with CRM, inventory, and fulfillment systems. If the brand wants to add real-time email to eliminate order and message batching, Connect can integrate that feature with existing platforms.

2. A mailbox service uses Connect to make lightning-quick decisions on whether to accept or block emails from external senders. It can efficiently identify and address bad email practices among its own users to protect its sender's reputation and determine optimal routing for inbound messages.

But wait – there’s more!

  • Connect helps users exchange data efficiently with external sources, such as a list hygiene or deliverability monitoring service.
  • Developers can integrate fast, thanks to a rich library of ready-made modules that support many uses. Additionally, they can create custom-designed plug-ins that accommodate unique code or non-standard protocols.
  • Connect’s logging system delivers a permanent record of everything that happens, such as who sent a message, the recipients, the subjects, date and time stamps, and other key reporting stats. These are a rich source of data for analytics, compliance, and reporting purposes. 
There’s even more to know about Connect and how it helps communications systems make key decisions without slowing down the speed of business. Contact Halon today to discover the technical specifications that keep Halon at the forefront of email infrastructure technology and how it ensures your company’s systems stay synchronized to overcome the challenges of doing business in a modern, connected world. 

See Connect in action

Contact us to learn more about Connect, part of Halon Engage and Halon Protect