Post: tech, email, The Halon Innovation Series | Nov 23, 2023

Roll out like a boss with Live Staging

Remember when “ship it, then fix it” ruled in software development? Those were the days when it was more important to launch a solution quickly than to wait until it was bug-free.  

Today, that notion is as obsolete as the dial telephone. Yes, you’re still under pressure to get updates to the market quickly, but the market itself doesn’t tolerate bug-riddled products or prolonged rollouts. This approach is a recipe for competitive setbacks, causing lost sales and dissatisfied users. In today's landscape, the market expects nothing less than top-tier quality right from the start. 

While the ability to rapidly test and implement updates is now a common practice in software development, it has never been possible in the realm of email infrastructure solutions. That is until Halon. Unique in the industry, Halon offers Live Staging, a vital feature that enables developers to introduce software updates in a safe and controlled environment. This feature is integral to Halon Engage, for large-scale senders, and Halon Protect, for mailbox providers. 

Accelerate your path to market 

Live Staging empowers developers to achieve the fine equilibrium between deploying a solution quickly and guaranteeing it’s error-free. It enables live testing before network-wide implementation, reducing or eliminating post-launch bug fixes and expediting production. You can make changes safely and quickly by running parallel configurations even within your production environment. Live Staging also lets you easily define a segment or traffic percentage for review before a system-wide deployment.

Beyond speeding up production without creating further errors, it also helps you conduct A/B testing to compare product versions. Halon clients use Live Staging to live-test solutions or developmental features, such as deploying the test product to a portion of email traffic for result comparisons. 

Revolutionize your rollout strategy

The feature also enables gradual service rollout, allowing for ongoing monitoring to see how the rollout is performing. 

Essentially, it’s like using a dimmer switch on a light fixture instead of flipping an on-off switch. You gain the ability to launch new solutions faster, spend less time debugging, and create satisfied customers who can use solutions as intended without resorting to bug reports or seeking alternatives.

Halon holds an exclusive position as the only provider of this service for email teams, delivering a competitive edge in an industry characterized by rapid changes requiring continuous updates and swift feature implementation.

In short:

  • Roll out changes with precision, confidence and speed.
  • Make changes safely and quickly by running parallel configurations right within your production environment.
  • Don't worry about potential mishaps! You can easily revert changes if needed.
  • See your changes come to life without disruption.

Ready to see how you can roll out like a boss with Live Staging? Contact a Halon representative today to discover the benefits of Halon.