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Halon is a scriptable SMTP software to maximize deliverability and security of all in-flight email. It is tailored to fit telcos and other large-scale email service providers. With Halon you get a future-proof and more efficient email infrastructure, without making compromises.

Who we are

Halon Security AB was founded in 2002, and also hold the American subsidiary Halon Security Inc.

The story about Halon began in 2002 when the entrepreneurial brothers Peter and Jonas Falck started building firewalls together with young talents Anders and Erik. The company has since then created and launched a variety of products within email security. Halon today consists of 14 people in Gothenburg, Sweden. The founders and first employees are still with the company. Over 25 million mailboxes worldwide are powered by Halon.

2004 – Firewall
A hardware firewall that included plugins from CYREN (then Comtouch) to scan and tag malicious email.

2008 – Email appliance
A hardware appliance that included the anti-spam functions from the firewall but also Kaspersky anti-virus and open-source solutions, such as the Postfix MTA.

2009/2010 – Virtualization / VM-ready
Halon goes from hardware to software and becomes the first email security product to be featured in the VMware marketplace.

2012 – Securityrouter
To solve the problems of firewalls being bad routers, and routers being bad at security, the Securityrouter OpenBSD-based firewall and router product combined the best of the two.

2014 – Hosted
Halon as a service was named Inumbo and made it possible for anyone to get a hosten spam prevention solution.

Press releases

Microsoft Exchange Server Designer Mark Weiler Becomes Advisor For Swedish Email Security company

PRESS RELEASE – MARCH 25, 2017 Mark Weiler, former designer of Microsoft Exchange Server and currently SVP of Engineering at Rubicon Project, has joined the advisory board of the Swedish early-stage growth company Halon’s scriptable SMTP software provides scalable email infrastructure and security for hosting providers, Telcos, Email Service Providers and Enterprises. […]

March 24th, 2017|

Halon Security accepted member of one of Europe’s leading startup hubs SUP46

Gothenburg, Sweden, April 26th 2016. Halon Security, the provider of Halon™ the SMTP software for hosting providers, are accepted as a member of one Europe’s leading startup hubs – Swedish Startup People – SUP46. […]

April 26th, 2016|
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