Halon Security receive $ 1.8 million in venture capital and appoints new CEO

Swedish email security and infrastructure company Halon Security has received $ 1.8 million in venture capital. The main investors are K-Svets Venture and the existing owners, and the money will be put towards a heavy expansion in the coming years. In connection to this, the company also appoints Martin Fabiansson as new CEO.

Halon, that is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, has grown steadily since the first investment from Chalmers Innovation Seed Fund and Almi Invest in 2013. The company has twelve employees, but are planning to hire plenty of more people in the next three years.

In connection to the investment, co-founder Peter Falck steps down as CEO. New CEO is Martin Fabiansson, who has a solid management background from both security and software development in companies such as AT&T, Oracle and THALES in both Sweden and USA.

Halon customers are mainly email service providers. The software Halon Platform is used to build the infrastructure that is needed to handle large amounts of in-transit email, including both security and operational features. Dutch telco KPN and Danish web hosting company are examples of Halon customers.

2017 was a very good year for Halon, as we landed several important new customers. Based on this we could secure the financing round and scale up on both tech and sales, says Håkan Krook, Fund Manager at Chalmers Ventures.

Halon is an exciting company with a product that is highly appreciated in the industry, and I look forward to the challenge of taking Halon to the next level, says CEO Martin Fabiansson.


Håkan Krook, Fund Manager, Chalmers Ventures
[email protected], +46 708 990 461

Martin Fabiansson, CEO, Halon Security AB
[email protected], +46 738 200 199

Halon elects a former Tele2 executive and 
an American serial entrepreneur for company board

Anders Långsved
Halon has elected former Tele2 executive Anders Långsved and American IT entrepreneur David Chartier for the company board of directors. Halon is facing growth plan for the coming year, and thereby sees the need to strengthen the board with experiences from international sales.

Anders Långsved has 20 years experience from various commercial roles in the ICT industries, always with focus on building high performance teams to achieve rapid growth. He has held various executive positions within Tele2 in Sweden and Austria.

I discovered Halon and saw a fast and competent company on a growing market, with a lot of potential. Now I want to contribute with my experiences around growing from a small to a large company, as well as my international point of view

says Anders Långsved.

American serial entrepreneur David Chartier became an advisor for Halon during the spring of 2017 but will now proceed to the board. He has been in the cyber security industry for 20 years, made several successful exits, and been the CEO of technology based companies. David Chartier resides in San Francisco but a frequent visitor to the Nordics.

Anders and David will help us to elevate Halon, since they both have made this journey many times before

says Per Stenman, COO at Halon.

With their entrance, Halons CEO and co-founder Peter Falck and Björn Westman of Almi Invest, will be leaving the board as members, to become substitutes.

The other members of the board are; chairman Ulf Börjel, Halon co-founder Jonas Falck and Håkan Krook of Chalmers Ventures.

Halon has during 2017 acquired many new customers from both the web hosting and telecom industry, for example Dutch operator KPN. The aim for 2018 is heavy growth, and there are several open positions for technical pre-sales and technical support to apply for at the Gothenburg office in Sweden.

Better spam protection in Mölndal municipality

Mölndals Stad (Mölndal municipality) has approximately 5000 employees and 10 000 students. In 2010 the IT department decided that 15 000 inboxes needed a new spam protection.

Anders Westerberg, now Head of IT Security in Mölndal, had built an open-source based solution that worked well. But for Annika Samuelsson, Head of IT development and maintenance, it was clear that they could not go on using a solution that only one person knew how to operate. Together with Anders she investigated possible replacements that could fulfill their wishes, and Halon caught their eye. The Halon software was then newly introduced to the market, and they saw an advantage in the company being open to a dialogue around how the product could be tailored to fit their needs.

The focus was of course on abiding by laws and regulations. Email sent to Mölndal municipality becomes public record and must be archived, even if it’s just spam. Stopping the email before it enters their system saves them that burden, and it’s also the procedure recommended by the organisation SKL (Municipalities and Country Councils of Sweden). Before implementing Halon, Annika and her team handled all spam quarantine, something that is now in the past. With the ”bulk” feature, an email manager will get a report on all blocked unsolicited email.

The result is very satisfying, says Annika Samuelsson

Introducing Halon was a quick process, and even though most of the work was done in-house they received some help from Halon support staff to do the fine tuning. Since becoming a customer, they have reached out a few times to address spam issues.

There have been incidents where we get spam that passes through the filter. But it’s always been very easy to get in touch with Halon and resolving the issues. Once it was actually as easy as a misunderstanding on which users that could report spam.

Mölndal municipality are subject to public procurement, and regularly has to compare their system to market competitors. But they have yet to find a product that solves their problems as effectively and smooth as Halon.

We feel very comfortable with what Halon provides us, and we would definitively 
recommend it to other governmental businesses.

Download case study (PDF).

Halon chosen for growth acceleration program Scale Global

Halon has been chosen to participate in the growth acceleration program Scale Global. During the period of September 2017 to January 2018, Halon and seven other companies will get help with the transition from nailing the product to scaling their business. The program rests on three pillars; workshops, coaches and Silicon Valley.

Each company is paired with a coach, and Halon will be working together with Stefan Lindeberg, CEO of ZeroPoint Technologies and former CEO of Netnod. Other coaches include Mengmeng Du (Spotify, Acast), Alfred Ruth (Vidoplaza, Angel investor), Alexander Hars (Let’s Deal), Louise Grandinson (MAG Interactive, Disney) and Johan Sköld (Qamcom, Chalmers Ventures).

The program is organized by Chalmers University of Technology, with support from Vinnova. The companies have been chosen according to several criteria, such as having global potential, having annual sales of at least 10 MSEK and/or manage at least 10 employees. Out of 70 nominees, Halon was chosen along with Adfenix, Parakey, Wint, Greenbyte, Minatjä, Senion and Kitab Sawti.

The companies will be working together on a number of workshops, one of them being a one-week stay in Silicon Valley, having meetings with partners at AndreessenHorowitz and True Ventures, Gustaf Alströmer (partner at Y Combinator), Cindy Alvarez from Microsoft and Maxime Prades of Algolia, to mention a few.

KPN chooses Halon for email infrastructure and security

Telecommunications company KPN, the largest provider of internet access services in the Netherlands, has agreed on implementing Halons email infrastructure and security software.

As the largest ISP in the Netherlands, we believe in connecting people and enabling them to communicate with the world around. Because of that we provide full functional, secure email as a part of our portfolio. But a constantly changing internet environment and attacks becoming more and more sophisticated, managing such an email platform can become quite a hassle. We are always looking for improvements in functionality, flexibility and performance 

says Martijn Thie, architect at KPN.

In Halon we have found a great partner for that. They are not just delivering their software, but they’re really keen on working together and learning from our situation. Even before we could enable Halon for our email products, additional functionality was added to make it an even better fit with our environment. Halon is the most flexible, sophisticated and easy-to-manage SMTP server out there.

he adds.

We are proud and glad to welcome KPN as a Halon customer. Our priority is to help them improve their email service.

says Peter Falck, CEO and co-founder of Halon.

Serial entrepreneur David Chartier becomes advisor for Halon

American serial entrepreneur David Chartier has agreed to become an advisor for Halon. David has been working in the cyber security space since 1996 and started his first company Infostream in Oslo, Norway. It was then listed on the Oslo stock exchange and later sold to French company Integra.  After that, he ran and built up a number of successful companies that were sold. Most recently he was the CEO of Codenomicon, a Finnish cyber security company which was sold to Synopsys.

So why has he taken an interest in Halon?

Email is critical aspect of all most all businesses and everybody’s daily life.  Secure email is going to be needed by all business and individuals and Halon’s secure mail platform offers a new way for business to improve the security and privacy of their their email system.

he says. David has plenty of experience ramping up sales, adoption of new technologies and products, and have worked extensively in Europe and USA. This is where he expects to be of help to Halon. He is also actively working to help promote secure software development practices to both small and large companies and spend a lot of time improving the security of medical devices with an organization called MDISS.

I think there is a great opportunity for a secure email platform that is modular and can be used to easily add best of breed point solutions into an already robust platform.

Halon COO Per Stenman is happy about the addition to the team:

David Chartier is a great person and asset to Halon and the international growth, especially the US market entry in the next level. Also adding to the corporate strategy and insights from driving a number of businesses to serious value growth, David will bring to the Halon team strict and real insights.

Email tech guru Mark Weiler becomes advisor for Halon

Halon is thrilled to announce the addition of Mark Weiler, currently SVP of Engineering at Rubicon Project, to the Halon Advisory board. Mark has 25+ years of technology and leadership experience, including a depth of Email systems experience as Mark was on the core team developing the first 4 versions of Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft’s Email messaging and collaboration platform, and the MAPI (Messaging API) protocol in the 1990’s. Since 2001, Mark has held executive leadership positions at various Silicon Valley startups, and for the past 2 years has served as SVP Engineering at Rubicon Project, the largest independent Advertising Exchange in the world.

Halon has a strong technology team who developed a superior email and security solution that has huge potential to reshape how Hosting Providers, Telcos, Email Service Providers and Enterprises utilize email. Halon’s email and security solution was designed from the beginning to be highly scalable and support even the highest volume provider’s needs. It runs on widely available commodity hardware, unlike the competition which requires expensive specialized hardware. In addition, Halon’s product is highly customizable to tailor to the unique needs of each customer with a powerful scripting language. This combination of adaptability and scale is unique in the marketplace and clearly sets Halon apart from the competition.

says Mark Weiler.

As one of the founding members of the Halon Advisory board, Mark is helping develop Halon’s strategy, positioning, and technology architecture.

We welcome Mark with open arms, especially since he’s set a clear target;

I look forward to helping Halon evolve the go-to-market strategy to crush the competition!

Halon Security accepted member of one of Europe’s leading startup hubs SUP46

Gothenburg, Sweden, April 26th 2016. Halon Security, the provider of Halon™ the SMTP software for hosting providers, are accepted as a member of one Europe’s leading startup hubs – Swedish Startup People – SUP46.

SUP46 gathers startup people and companies in a Stockholm-based meeting and co-working space. The community is made up of Sweden’s hottest digital startups, angel investors, venture capital firms, large corporations and innovation actors. The emphasis is in community learning, and together startups may contribute to each other’s global success. The SUP46 members are cherry-picked scalable startups with global ambitions, mainly in the areas of Internet, mobile, media and gaming. The competition for a membership is fierce and only the most innovating companies are accepted as members.

”This is terrific news for Halon Security and we are so pleased to be accepted as members of SUP46”, says Per Stenman, Corporate Development/Co-founder at Halon Security. ”Halon is a very unique solution that our team members breaths, sleeps and eats. Like this we gather great experience from the hosting and service provider industry – globally. We are very much looking forward to hopefully share our knowledge – as much as we will definitely gather from the SUP46 community”, he continues.

The membership further strengthens Halons position towards attracting international venture capitalists, who understand an online business and revenue model. Being part of a community with other startup companies striving for globalisation, that have amazing products and services with founders/teams driving the business development for rapid growth, will fuel Halon’s team members even further than before.

To find out more about SUP46, please visit their website.

Halon now available through the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace

San Francisco, Jan. 14, 2016 — Halon Security, the provider of HalonTM, the SMTP software platform for service providers, today announced its participation in the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace Provider Program. Inclusion in the program allows Halon Security to offer its SMTP software to businesses looking to improve their email infrastructure, reduce operational costs and secure their services for end-users.

CenturyLink Cloud customers now have the opportunity to download and deploy Halon. The software platform provides a scriptable approach to email transfer functions such as anti-spam, task automation, encryption, signing, routing and API integration. Once implemented, businesses will be able to update, run and manage the entire email transport and filtering infrastructure through one cloud-based and consolidated SMTP platform.

“We are happy to be able to offer our software to CenturyLink Marketplace customers. Our experience has shown us that all environments and demands on functionality are different, which is why we’ve built an SMTP software platform focused on flexibility and efficiency to allow seamless integration with any surrounding environment. Thanks to our unique SMTP scripting engine, the result is unparalleled and enables scalability, enterprise security and minimized administration,” said Jonas Falck, founder and CEO, Halon Security. “For one hosting provider customer, Halon’s SMTP solution reduced operational spending by nearly 70 percent. For other customers we’ve helped cut administration time by 90 percent* and reduce customer response time from hours to minutes.”

The CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace Provider Program allows participating technology companies, like Halon Security, to integrate their solutions with the CenturyLink Cloud platform. These additional business-ready solutions are available to CenturyLink’s cloud, hosting and network customers.

“Defense-in-depth, a strategy to implement multiple layers of controls, is a tried and true approach to cloud security,” said David Shacochis, vice president of cloud platform at CenturyLink. “We’re excited to have Halon’s email security platform available to our customers as a tool they can deploy to reduce risk and protect messaging workloads. Service providers that use CenturyLink Cloud now have Halon as an option to improve their email efficiency.”

To start using Halon on CenturyLink Cloud today, refer to the getting started guide on the CenturyLink Cloud Knowledge Base.

DuoCircle LLC picks Halon Security to reduce operating expenses and improve customer response time

San Francisco, Calif., July 28th, 2015. DuoCircle, a global email service provider and Halon Security, a leading provider of a highly secure email delivery platform, announce the successful migration of Dyn legacy email receiving products to the Halon email platform.

DuoCircle was challenged with migrating Dyn’s legacy email infrastructure within 30 days to reduce hardware hosting costs and provide better customer satisfaction.

“We researched many spam protection platforms including Cyren software and over 20 of their partners. After conducting a proof of concept with Halon Security email platform, we selected it based on the attractive licensing model, excellent support, easy upgrade path and key features such as quarantine, end user logging for customers, message replay and for enabling DuoCircle to continue as a service provider.” Brad Slavin, CEO of DuoCircle stated.

Halon’s email-centric scripting language enabled DuoCircle to rapidly and seamlessly integrate with their existing Linux and FreeBSD based environment cost effectively.

“Halon’s highly differentiated platform enables demanding organizations such as DuoCircle to stay competitive.” Jonas Flack, CEO of Halon Security emphasized.

A case study has been released along with this announcement.

“Using Halon email platform DuoCircle reduced hosting costs and saved 30% on operating costs, reduced time of managing networks by 90% and improved customer response time to minutes from hours.” Slavin concluded.

About DuoCircle

DuoCircle LLC is an entity that was established for the migration of’s legacy email receiving products. The goal was to migrate these loyal customers to a more powerful and feature rich email handling platform. Headquartered in San Diego, California, DuoCircle provides over 20,000 businesses located globally with high touch customer care, reliable message filtering and archive with a scalable architecture designed for high volume messaging and reliable spam filtering.

Press release and case study.