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Post: tech, email, The Halon Innovation Series | Nov 9, 2023

Halon Innovation Series: Solve deliverability problems in minutes with Delivery Insights

As a deliverability expert, much of your time is spent solving problems that keep your customers’ emails out of their customers’ inboxes. If you are using a legacy email platform, the process of identifying issues and resolving them can be challenging and time-consuming.

Deliverability issues such as rejected emails, bounces, and deferral rates mean that your email delivery grinds to a halt until you can drill down into your data, pinpoint the problem, and bring in additional developers or engineers to figure out how to correct it. When your business depends on delivering your customers’ email, that’s too much time and money for you and your customers. 

This perennial deliverability headache should not be wished on anyone. That’s why we created Halon Engage’s Delivery Insights - a powerful dashboard like no other in the email industry. Delivery Insights provides you with the information you need to detect and resolve issues within minutes instead of hours, enabling you to get your customer emails back on track and into inboxes faster.  

Actionable insights at your fingertips

Delivery Insights provides a one-stop monitoring and management solution for your entire email infrastructure. By leveraging time-series data and transaction logs, you can quickly identify and manage irregularities in real-time. Delivery Insights empowers you to:

  • Access comprehensive reporting and analytical insights via its powerful user interface
  • Set alerts on critical success metrics such as delivery, queuing, bounce, and performance
  • Respond to issues and alerts directly by being able to start, stop, and modify email behavior directly within the user interface
  • Take advantage of historical trends data and transaction logs leveraging Elastic for more in-depth analysis
  • Seamlessly connect to your own monitoring tools.

Delivery Insights

With just a few clicks, you can isolate where the problem is happening, which senders are involved, the scale of the problem, and whether an ISP is experiencing temporary issues or a customer is committing a significant error on one of your servers. No need to comb through thousands of error messages or bring in additional developers or engineers. You can see if all your systems are operating normally at a glance and if an error is occurring, correct the situation without writing a single line of code.

5 key benefits of using Delivery Insights

  1. Faster notifications: Real-time alerts about deferrals, blockages, and other deliverability issues kickstart the problem-solving stage. The faster the discovery, the faster the solution, and the sooner a customer’s email campaigns can begin flowing into recipients’ inboxes again.
  2. Granular detail: Individual message-level detail can pinpoint where the problem is coming from – right down to message content from a specific sender. Legacy email platforms don’t have that granularity, which delays problem-solving.
  3. Easier trend-spotting: Via Elastic, you can analyze historical data and transaction logs for insights that can help solve problems, like senders who use email lists filled with spam traps and undeliverable email addresses. These insights can provide you with the business case you need to manage these repeat offenders.
  4. Customizable and proactive: Delivery Insights’ dashboard gives you multiple ways to customize your data views to identify and solve problems, whether by sender, data hub, ISP, or more. Its point-and-click framework means you don’t have to write a single code change to suspend or restart deliveries. Plus, the dashboard enables you to take instant action, which reduces the time it takes to resolve the issue from hours to minutes.
  5. The gift of time: Identifying and resolving problems swiftly gives you more time to study what your deliverability data is telling you, or work on projects that build value for your customers and your company.

Happier customers, healthier bottom line

Today’s deliverability experts have more work than time. The workload is increasing, too, now that ISPs like Gmail and Yahoo! are cracking down on sender access to their users’ inboxes. For companies that rely on email to stay in contact with customers, failing to reach the inbox means lost business – and a greater likelihood that they’ll jump to a competitor who will get them back into inboxes. 

As your company’s deliverability expert, you might not think of yourself as a customer-retention superhero, but that’s what happens when you can solve problems faster and get customers back into inboxes sooner. Not to mention engineering and operations are off the hook in requiring their effort to solve issues.  No more endless time writing Splunk queries to find issues after the fact (and the cost of maintaining a Splunk data repository). 

Solve fast - Save Money - Everybody benefits! 

Want to discover how you can take advantage of Halon’s leading email infrastructure? Find out more about Halon Engage here or contact us