KPN chooses Halon for email infrastructure and security

Telecommunications company KPN, the largest provider of internet access services in the Netherlands, has agreed on implementing Halons email infrastructure and security software.

”As the largest ISP in the Netherlands, we believe in connecting people and enabling them to communicate with the world around. Because of that we provide full functional, secure email as a part of our portfolio. But a constantly changing internet environment and attacks becoming more and more sophisticated, managing such an email platform can become quite a hassle. We are always looking for improvements in functionality, flexibility and performance” says Martijn Thie, architect at KPN.

”In Halon we have found a great partner for that. They are not just delivering their software, but they’re really keen on working together and learning from our situation. Even before we could enable Halon for our email products, additional functionality was added to make it an even better fit with our environment. Halon SMTP is the most flexible, sophisticated and easy-to-manage SMTP server out there.” adds Martijn Thie.

”We are proud and glad to welcome KPN as a Halon customer, and help them secure their users email. With the Halon taking care of email infrastructure and security KPN can now improve the performance of their email platform” says Peter Falck, CEO and co-founder of Halon.

Email Security Roundtable in Zürich, Switzerland

To email hosting and service providers in or around Switzerland, we kindly invite you to join an intimate group of Cloud and Telco VIPs for an exclusive Email Security Roundtable to introduce you to the Trusted Email Services (TES) initiative. Date: Thursday, September 21, 2017, hosted by Open-Xchange.

TES was launched as an industry e ort to raise awareness around email security threats and promote the deployment of innovative technologies to address them, including encryption and DNS-based mechanisms such as DNSSEC, DANE and DNS filtering. The discussion will deliver an insight into how internet service providers and software companies adopting TES guidelines and best practices can secure and qualify their services, comply with recent legal requirements (GDPR) and establish enduring customer relationships.

Interested in participating? Please contact Jonas Falck at [email protected] .

Halon at WHD.usa in Las Vegas

The countdown has begun and it’s time for WHD USA and Vegas, baby, Vegas! Booth 26 will be your hotspot for all things email security and infrastructure, painted in characteristic Halon blue. Peter, Karim, Nina and Anders will be there to make sure no questions are left unanswered. And don’t miss the speed session “I can haz secure email?” by CTO Anders Berggren.

Register for free with our guest code here and make sure to contact us if you want to book a meeting!

Beware of ransomware, read the cyberthreat report

Cyberthreats are real, with ransomware Petya being the latest example, following WannaCry and Locky. Take some time to read this high-quality report made by security technology company Cyren, courtesy of Halon.

Download Cyren Cyberthreat Report (pdf)

Table of contents:

  • The Rise of Ransomware
  • Ransomware by the Billions
  • Locky: Understanding 2016s Most Prolific Malware
  • How Ransomware Works
  • Evading Detection Through Adaptation
  • Ransomware-as-a-Service
  • Companion Ransomware: Two-Malwares-in-One
  • The Locky of 2017? Look Out for Jaff
  • The WannaCry “Ransomworm”
  • IT Manager Surveys in the US and UK: Ransomware is a Reality
  • An Interview with the Researchers Tracking Ransomware
  • Stopping Ransomware: Best Practices
  • Creative Ransom Demand
  • Cyren GlobalView Threat Trends Q1 2017


Download Cyren Cyberthreat Report (pdf)

Upcoming events: WHD USA, cPanel Conference and more

The summer is here and business go into a slower mode. But that also meads plenty of time to prepare for what we have planned for this fall. As always, there are a ton of events, and we have picked some favourites where you’ll definitely meet us. If you want to schedule a meeting, just let us know and we’ll get back to you!

WHD USA – September 11-12, Las Vegas, USA

We are still on a high from all the fun at WHD Global, but let’s look ahead. You will find Halon in booth 26, with Karim, Peter and Nina ready to give you any information you need.

cPanel Conference – September 26-27, Fort Lauderdale, USA

Many of halons customers also use cPanel, so it’s a no-brainer that we need to attend this event, celebrating 20 years of the cPanel software! Peter and Karim will walk the floor and take meetings.

OX Summit, October 12-13, Bruxelles, Belgium

We return again as a sponsor to this ever-so-rewarding event with Open-Xchange. Join the OX ecosystem in Europe’s capital for a ‘Summit like No Other’. Peter, Ohannes and Myria will wear their Halon shirts!

Nordic Domain Days, 20-21 November, Stockholm, Sweden

This new event is a part of Internet Days, and Halon will be a sponsor. Be sure to check out this domain industry event for the nordic countries as it carries a strong focus on networking between parties with interest in the region.

TES roundtable discussions

There have been several successful meeting arranged by the Trusted Email Services initiative, where Halon take part, and there is more in store! This event calendar will be updated soon, and if you are a hosting or service provider looking to attend, let us know and we will find your nearest

Job opening: Front-end web developer

‘It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.’


Our software, our Precious, needs one more master to care for its well-being. We invite a front-end web developer to be swept off into the wonderful world of Halon and care for all our digital interfaces. That includes the Halon software, web services and website. Your work will be according to the current brand guidelines, which you of course also will help to improve. Nothing is set in stone, and remember, even the smallest person can change the course of the future.

Halon helps hosting and service providers, as well as telcos, to offer their customers the best possible email service when it comes to security. Our scriptable SMTP software enable our customers to tailor the perfect solution regarding anti-spam, signing, encryption, routing and so on.

We are looking for someone courageous and talented, who have just started their long journey towards excellence . But make no mistake, one does not simply become a Halon front-end web developer. The position requires you being handy in the arts of:

  • Bootstrap and jQuery
  • WordPress and PHP


You must be able to stand the hardships that comes with living in Mordor, a.k.a. Gothenburg, but we will try to ease the pain by putting you in the most fabulous office. Also, you shall not pass if you don’t have a portfolio to show off your eye for detail and good taste in design.

When it comes to spoken languages, English and/or Swedish will work. Elvish is a plus.

We offer you a competitive salary, a team of companions that will have your back at all times, weekly breakfasts, Friday beers and all the laughter one could wish for.

The position is to be filled immediately, and you start with a three month paid evaluation period. Interviews are ongoing so don’t hesitate to apply.

Send your CV, portfolio (links or attached files) and ring size to [email protected]

Halon 4.1 “teamy” with scripting modules

We shipped the 4.1 “teamy” release, and we’re happy to see that the majority of our users have already updated. The 4.0 release brought several major changes, and 4.1 includes many improvements to it. The web administration in general, and the script editor in particular, have received lots of attention. The new live staging functionality that was introduced in 4.0 now extends to queue (pre- and post-delivery) scripts as well, using the _stageid metadata field. You can employ even more aggressive caching now that the API includes a hslCacheClear() function, and we’re opened up a wide range of possibilities via the new setBody function in the DATA script’s MIME class, such as URL rewriting.

The most anticipated addition however, is a new language feature often referred to as modules. The Halon scripting language is highly email-centric. We strive towards keeping it as simple as possible, which is a great recipe for stability and high, predictable performance. At the same time, we’re designing it after the principle of least astonishment, and consequently it shares many characteristics with established languages. Having researched both namespaces (found in languages such as C++ and PHP) and modules (found in for example Python and Perl), we decided that modules was the best fit for our language and its users. It’s great when working in larger teams, since it introduces file-wide symbol (variable and function) scoping. Modules are regular script files, which becomes modules the moment you import them. It’s similar to include, except an imported file has its own scope. You explicitly choose which symbols to “import” to the parent file using the syntax

import { Foo as X, $bar as $y } from "test";

Variables are imported by reference, hence all changes to the variable in the module will be reflected by the imported variable. As modules have their own global scope, variables referenced in a module’s function by global or closure points at the module’s scope, as per the example below

$x = "hello";
function foo($bar) {
    global $x;
    echo $x;

imported by

import { foo } from "test";
$x = "world";
echo foo(function() closure ($x) { echo $x; });

which will echo


We hope that the modules concept will be helpful in both smaller and larger projects, and we promise that much more is to come as Halon 4.2 “classy” hits the servers.

Halon and Spamhaus in email security partnership

We are excited to announce that Halon now provides official integration with Spamhaus Technology anti-spam & threat data feeds (IP & domain blocklists). Both companies worked together to ensure that this new functionality would be simple to deploy while also scaling all the way from smaller systems to large ISP’s with millions of users and complex email flows.

We asked Simon Forster of Spamhaus Technologies to describe what benefits he sees in this collaboration:
“Spamhaus is looking forward to partnering with Halon to make email communications even safer for their clients. Coupled with Halon’s powerful scripting capabilities, it means clients can now prevent over 95% of spam and malware from getting into user’s mailboxes, without having to accept any data. Service Providers can instantly recover the cost of bandwidth, servers & storage typically lost to accepting and processing spam.”

The solution can also be used to block outbound spam which typically has links to fraudulent sites. Halon CTO Anders Berggren is equally excited:
“We’re thrilled to collaborate with the Spamhaus Technology team. They are the most recognized name in IP & domain blocklists. This partnership furthers Halon’s mission to offer the highest performing and most comprehensive messaging platform. Halon enables service providers to build innovative, secure and very cost effective email solutions, and Spamhaus is a great addition to our platform.”

Did you know this about spam?

Serial entrepreneur David Chartier becomes advisor for Halon

American serial entrepreneur David Chartier has agreed to become an advisor for Halon. David has been working in the cyber security space since 1996 and started his first company Infostream in Oslo, Norway. It was then listed on the Oslo stock exchange and later sold to French company Integra.  After that, he ran and built up a number of successful companies that were sold. Most recently he was the CEO of Codenomicon, a Finnish cyber security company which was sold to Synopsys.

So why has he taken an interest in Halon?David Chartier
“Email is critical aspect of all most all businesses and everybody’s daily life.  Secure email is going to be needed by all business and individuals and Halon’s secure mail platform offers a new way for business to improve the security and privacy of their their email system.”

David has plenty of experience ramping up sales, adoption of new technologies and products, and have worked extensively in Europe and USA. This is where he expects to be of help to Halon. He is also actively working to help promote secure software development practices to both small and large companies and spend a lot of time improving the security of medical devices with an organization  called MDISS.

“I think there is a great opportunity for an secure email platform that is modular and can be used to easily add best of breed point solutions into an already robust platform.”

Halon COO Per Stenman is happy about the addition to the team:

“David Chartier is a great person and asset to Halon and the international growth, especially the US market entry in the next level. Also adding to the corporate strategy and insights from driving a number of businesses to serious value growth, David will bring to the Halon team strict and real insights.”

Anders Berggren in panel discussion at Telco Cloud Forum 2017

Halon are attending Telco Cloud Forum in London on April 25-26. Our CTO Anders Berggren will participate in the interactive panel on the 26th at noon. Other panelists include Alex Hilton, Chief Executive at Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), Tyler Murphy, Director of Managed Services & OEM at Proofpoint and Neil Cook, Chief Security Architect at Open-Xchange.

Innovations in cloud security

 – Creating trust and credibility with security services

– Considerations when working with 3rd parties

– Minimising security risks and maximising innovation

– Making openness the heart of your security strategy

Please stop by if you are attending. And if you want to book a meeting with a Halon representative, please get in touch!